Equally Stupid

Equally Stupid

New album: Escape from the Unhappy Society released on January 27th 2017

The album release tour will take place in Finland 27.1-10.2.

On most of our gigs we will play a double bill with French saxophonist Matthieu Metzger.


Please come and see us in a town close to you.


We are really super excited to play new music from the album. The album is powerful and meldodic. We are very happy with the outcome.


Mixed by Joonas Saikkonen and mastered by Petter Ericson.


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”Lyytinen, Rögnvaldsson and Meier make an organic entity that works in a perfect telepathy. Rhythmically this trio reaches a level that is rarely heart anywhere. Equally Stupid plays with fury that comes across through the energetic expression and overall compositions.” - Matti Komulainen, Turun Sanomat 21.02.2014 ”The album (Exploding Head) takes you to a colourfully vivid trip into the heart of music where fast jazz - oriented music tries to surpass rock'n roll expression. The outcome is amazingly magnificent, powerfully sounding music.”
- Salon seudun sanomat 22.03.2014 “This is truly rewarding improvisational music, with the two leading instruments straining for boundaries of affinitive dissonance in an appealing percussive soundscape. It is tight, driving music, often with more than an occasional comic twist in the tail. With an eye, or probably more a highly tuned ear, to the dance-ability of their music they have produced an album that has more than an element of Klezmer as well as free-form jazz alongside contemporary rock in its insistent and powerful rhythms.” - Anthony Shaw, All about Jazz 12.4.2014 ” I wouldn ́t say that the music is (acording to the name) stupid but despite all the musical turns and layers it hooks you with pretty simple means – with its outgoing energy and playfulness. That's why it goes on like a train.” 4/5
- Ilkka Valpasvuo, Desibeli.net 18.03.2014

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